T'ai Chi Yang Style 37 moves

Teaching techniques/methods:

I will spend 40 minutes of the hour preparing the body & mind for practice of the "Form." This will consist of certain stretches & exercises to benefit strength & flexibility. 15 minutes will be spent on learning 37 moves slowly over the term. 5 minutes will be spent in sit/quiet/silence in order for the complete integration of the body/mind. I will also periodically have the class view a video of Master Ben Lo practicing the 37 moves, in his divine perfection of the "Form."

This course in Tai Chi is a gentle, relaxed non-sweat, personal exercise (translated as the “Grand Ultimate”) for any age male or female.  The ‘Yang Form’ will be taught along with ‘Chi Gwa’ (circulating breath) and ‘Silk Cocoon Chen’ (fine intertwining energy).  This course is noncompetitive and will start with the basics, and then individuals will progress at their own rate.

Linda Laverty-Sensei Tom's website

Class will be offered at SOCC (Southwestern Community College} Rec Center Room 121

Thursday's, Fall, Winter, Spring terms, no summer study/practice.

1:00 - 2:00pm

$64.00 a term, or $5 drop-in fee